ASHICO Manpower was established in October 2016 in Hai Phong, operating in crew manning services and founding mission is to upgrade crew quality and connect seafarers with ship owners. The Company’s vision is to become a professional and reliable crew manning in Vietnam. The mission is gradually executed by transparent recruitment, frequent training and efficient crew management.


Transparent Recruitment: ASHICO Manpower opens job opportunities to all seafarers who satisfy STWC 2010 requirements. Our recruitment information is available on public media including company’s website, fanpage, etc. We receive applicant information and give the best career consultation for each individual.

Frequent Training: ASHICO Manpower highly appreciates the importance of professional and foreign language (English) training. One of our quality objectives is that 100% of crew are educated pre-embarkation, de-briefing after disembarkation and regular training while on vacation.

Efficient Crew Management: ASHICO Manpower strives to become a reliable crew manning partner of ship owners and a solid backup for seafarer. Crew Safety is the first priority and Sustainable Development is the long term business objective of the Company.


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