ASHICO MANPOWER prioritizes quality of the seafarer and regularly upgrade it by training including internal training and external training. Seafarers who are recruited into the Company are all qualified in accordance with STWC 2010 with sufficient experience. On the other hand, in order to meet the higher demands of the ship owners ASHICO MANPOWER organizes training courses including English and professional topics.

  • Company’s Training Room is equipped modern facility, ship’s equipment simulation and computers for test such as CES, Marlin English.
  • In terms of English training, teachers are from VSUP (Vietnam Seafarer Upgrade Program of Japanese Government) while welding course, electricity course are provided by specialized Seafarer Training Center such as Polytechnic School.

More importantly each seafarer is required to attend and complete briefing and debriefing to recognize individual’s strengths, weaknesses and job requirements to plan training themselves.